FizzBall 1.01

Feed and rescue abandoned animals by bouncing bubbles

Fizzball is an action game where players need to rescue the animals from several abandoned islands by bouncing bubbles in the right places. The game tells the story of how all the humans fled the islands, leaving all their animals behind.

The animals are left without food, and the only person able to help them is Professor Fizzlewizzle, who will not only have to feed all the animals in the island, but also discover what scared all the people away.

The player as Professor Fizzlewizzle will have to bounce bubbles to make them hit certain spots to feed and rescue the animals, while creating combos, getting special powerups and points.

Fizzball counts with more then 60 different animal species to be rescued and fed during over 180 levels, and also has a special kids mode, for the younger players.

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